What Can You Expect?

I offer individually designed programmes to benefit your mind, body and spirit. My profound knowledge, experience and empathy allows me to provide you with personalized guidance based on your  inner nature and characteristic.

My integrated approach combines science-based therapies with traditional clinical medicine to:

  • Address the health of the body, mind and spirit
  • Treat the underlying cause of disease
  • Improve your overall health and well-being

I developed a unique approach built on the strong traditions and tenets of naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine and yoga – to obtain the best results.  I acquired my knowledge both from my family and the community I grew up in, and I further developed it through medical training and experience. My practice and treatments balance and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. They are personalized, regular and long-term.

The programme I provide starts with a one- hour trial session of integrative personalized yoga. Preferably, I like to engage with the client for a minimum of ten sessions.

As examples, I treated in this unique way, and adapted to the specific constitution of the person problems of depression, back ailments, diabetes, asthma, allergies, high cholesterol levels, weight management, hypertension, cardiac health, and stress management.


I use different diagnostic techniques such as facial, Ayurvedic body constitution, pulse, iris and tongue diagnosis along with relevant western diagnostics during the first intake-consultation. This information provides me with what I need to increase your resilience and wellbeing as a person or to bring you and your body and mind back to a well- balanced and blissful state.

General Wellbeing Advise

I provide coaching, guidance and support for women and man to reclaim your inner confidence and live the life you deserve and find your path in life. My guidance will help boost your wellbeing and happiness through personalized advise based on the diagnosis during the consultation.

Yoga Asana Practice Sequence

My yoga guidance regroups physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines originating in India. I base my teachings on deep knowledge and practice of Hatha Yoga ‘Pradeepika’ and the Pathanjali Yoga Sutras. Yoga essentially consists of sequences of meditative practices adapted to the person, their constitution and the time a day and year.


I lead people into meditation always starting from physical practice, focusing on training attention and awareness in order to bring mental processes under control through many divergent techniques. One of the meditation techniques I use for instance to help expand and deepen your consciousness, for example, are mantras. They can be used mentally or chanted.

Cleansing Detox and Nutrition Advise

It is my strong conviction you need to clean the house before bringing new things in it. I therefore treat the body as the house and focus on providing enough micronutrients and balancing the PH into an alkaline ph during detox processes.


At present, I only teach Kalari in person or in workshops, and after some practice I could consider to continue through skype later. My guiding practice is a meditative kalari yoga, where I integrate the physical sequence of kalari movements that are more intense and strong synchronize with yoga movements.

Private one-on-one online sessions on Skype

Those sessions will allow you to practice wherever you are and at a time convenient for you after payment is received and agreement with Dr. Vinod. It will help you to be and stay even more motivated and keep your practice regular and adapted to your situation at the time of practice.

You will be able to develop physical and mental strength and transform yourself to get rid of negative thoughts and flow through your day with happiness. It will support you to focus on your life and goals at your own time, pace and convenience.

    What you need:

  • Yoga mat
  • Internet connection and a Skype account (free) registered by Vinod
  • Web camera, working audio and build in microphone.

Several of my clients testify how practicing this way with me feels like doing something magical!
Dr. Vinod will make a proposal for times, price and payment methods within 48 hours of your registration. Payment should be received by Dr. Vinod before the sessions/consultation can take place. Enrolling for a workshop should be possible per workshop and will be announced one by one later. Appointments would be asked only through WhatsApp messages.


Dr. Lieve Fransen

Senior Policy Advisor, Tervuren, Belgium

Dr. Lieve Fransen is an internationally recognized global health leader with an impressive carrier worldwide. She has always been interested and involved in building bridges and dialogue between different disciplines and world philosophies. She is committed to further explore the complementarities between western and eastern medicine in a holistic integrated and evidence-based way with Dr. Vinod, through research, dialogue, practice, and workshops.

Trying to further develop a model of more complete health and wellness, beyond only a model of disease, adopting the customized, personal care that comes with the whole-person perspective long-held and practiced in eastern medicine.

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