Dr. Vinod Nair / Review

Lieve Fransen, Belgium

Since 4 years, I increasingly suffer from asthma, skin eruptions, sneezing and coughing. I was regularly on anti-histaminic and cortisone to try to deal with the symptoms and the doctors specialized in allergology in Europe identified a wide range of plants, pollen and food products I am allergic to and they started treating me also with de-sensibilization therapies.  Before those years I rarely had those symptoms at all.

Dr. Vinod, my mentor and guide, advised me to try to do a detox to deal with my allergies and asthma after first improving my symptoms already with regular yoga and pranayama practice since two years.

I choose a calm period of the year to start with this detox while a little apprehensive because I was not sure I could get the discipline to do this for a period of three days, as first suggested.

However, after three days I felt lighter and I could breathe again, and we decided to continue and go deeper with the detox effort. I found the recipes and instructions clear and quite easy to deal with despite some changing symptoms coming up. At first, I was constipated and felt heaviness in my legs. Later on, I had a full body rash for a few days and only sometimes felt a bit dizzy when exercising but all in all I felt good and better every day. I ended up doing a detox for nearly a month and one of the most difficult things was actually when starting to eat solids again after a few days of liquid diet. In addition to improving my health and happiness I also lost some five kilos during the detox and never felt hungry or deprived. I actually kept several of the new habits and made some lifestyle changes after stopping the detox and I feel great.

Thank you for this wonderful life experience.

Tara Mathews

In addition, I did an amazing cleanse with Dr. V who coached me every day and checked in on me several times a day to make sure I was ok – encouraging me to be my best and to enjoy. The personalized service he gives, and dedication is amazing, and combined with his incredible knowledge for the first time in my life I had the discipline to complete a cleanse and I am looking forward to doing another one soon- and I know he will guide me to make everlasting changes to become the best possible version of me.

Leila Bouliere Corsica, France

First I did not really believe I could get the benefits of a yoga class through Skype. After my first session I could not believe how Dr. Vinod was the most authentic and passionate yoga teacher I had encountered. He balances knowledge with compassion and wisdom, creating spaces to dig deep into the transformative possibilities of yoga. Now I can slip into bliss more easily and feel relaxed into my everyday life.

Tara Mathews

Dr. Vinod is the best discovery – never did I believe I could do yoga by Skype, let alone with my eyes closed. Through his teachings I have learned to connect with my body on a deeper level and I see the benefits every day.  I was never a morning person but now I look forward to my 6am yoga class which has transformed my life and I love to start the day like this. Even the days I don’t have yoga I wake up early and swim or do something for myself and Dr. Vinod has helped me make changes like this that are transformational and help me to be more efficient in every part of my life.

Rixt Singelsma, Brussels

Dr Vinod came to Brussels to teach us (a small group of about 8) a long weekend of yoga. I like his style of teaching because he clearly knows a lot both about yoga and the anatomy of the body, but only tells you what you are ready to learn. It was great fun!

Lutz Radicke LR Vertriebs, Consulting

Firstly met Dr. Vinod as Senior Doctor in Naturopathy % Yoga Therapy at SwaSwara resort, India and was deeply impressed about his personality and deep knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda. Back in Germany we agreed on weekly Skype sessions of Yoga and Meditation lasting till now for 2 years tbc. It is not only working extremely well via Skype, he is able to focus the practice on health issues which came up over time (shoulder, back pain) – and it helps my body condition! I’m very happy to have these sessions with Dr. Vinod and can’t recommend it more!

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