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Since 4 years, I increasingly suffer from asthma, skin eruptions, sneezing and coughing. I was regularly on anti-histaminic and cortisone to try to deal with the symptoms and the doctors specialized in allergology in Europe identified a wide range of plants, pollen and food products I am allergic to and they started treating me also with de-sensibilization therapies.  Before those years I rarely had those symptoms at all.

Dr. Vinod, my mentor and guide, advised me to try to do a detox to deal with my allergies and asthma after first improving my symptoms already with regular yoga and pranayama practice since two years.

I choose a calm period of the year to start with this detox while a little apprehensive because I was not sure I could get the discipline to do this for a period of three days, as first suggested.

However, after three days I felt lighter and I could breathe again, and we decided to continue and go deeper with the detox effort. I found the recipes and instructions clear and quite easy to deal with despite some changing symptoms coming up. At first, I was constipated and felt heaviness in my legs. Later on, I had a full body rash for a few days and only sometimes felt a bit dizzy when exercising but all in all I felt good and better every day.

I ended up doing a detox for nearly a month and one of the most difficult things was actually when starting to eat solids again after a few days of liquid diet. In addition to improving my health and happiness I also lost some five kilos during the detox and never felt hungry or deprived.

I actually kept several of the new habits and made some lifestyle changes after stopping the detox and I feel great.

Thank you for this wonderful life experience.
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